Join the fight in the ultimate multi-gaming community.

Members of the community play a multitude of games including Cold War, 
Modern Warfare, Crowfall, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, Sea of Thieves,
Total War Series, Dead by Daylight and so much more.

The core members that founded this community know each other IRL,
meaning that the roots of Fellowship Gaming is resilient to hardship or drama. 

Fellowship Gaming is a community of players with the mission of building fellowship and creating fun in-game experiences for its members.


If it be RP or community facilitated joint operations with other guilds, the Fellowship Gaming community strives to be engaged and at the epicenter of all relevant developments in the games they're a part of. 

Gaming Keyboard


Ready Roulette, a Chapter of the Fellowship Gaming Community, strives to be a powerhouse within the Call of Duty competitive scene.

Gaming Station


Rome, a Chapter of the Fellowship Gaming Community, was founded in the MMORPG, Crowfall. However, after unmet expectations, they've since left Crowfall and seek a new MMO to reside in and dominate. For the time being, they play a multitude of other titles as a guild.